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We spend much of our waking lives at work. As such, work has an unavoidably profound affect upon the life of the Soul -- for good or ill. Thus it is imperative that our work contribute to the deepening of Soul rather than to its deadening.

The industrialization of society, while it brought some of the world’s people necessary technological progress, greater affluence, and increased longevity and health -- also brought the Soul-deadening and Soul-stripping attributes of work as: competition, compartmentalization, mechanization, product over people and process, and growth without conscience or constraint.

People have grown tired of leaving their hearts at home when they go to the workplace, and then leaving the workplace to return home with exhausted bodies, minds, and spirits. Few of us "live to work." Most of us are caught on the endless treadmills of working to live -- and are living at decreasing levels of quality and enjoyment.

"Follow your bliss." "Do what you love and the money will follow." Are these pious platitudes of modern gurus or are they words of wisdom? Paul believes that work can be integral to one’s passion, purpose and meaning in life. He is convinced that we can restore work’s sense of mystery, wonder, engagement, and inspiration.

Some of these solutions are larger than the individual, and require changes on the corporate level. Others are manageable on the individual level, in the employee’s own immediate sphere of influence. Trained in spirituality and psychology, and having spent 8+ years in senior management in the largest health care corporation in Alaska, Paul is uniquely qualified to help both companies and individuals restore a sense of Soul and its honoring in the workplace. Paul offers a variety of services -- some of which include:

· Consulting on environmental and business processes
· Career consulting
· Conflict resolution
· Team building
· Diversity training
· Business/workplace ethics
· Workshops and trainings

Individual consultations: $100/hr
Company consultations: $250/hr
Workshops and Trainings: $400/hr

Paul H. Richard
Soul Focused Consulting

telephone 971.506.9187
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