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Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender persons often find closed doors, closed minds, and closed hearts when it comes to addressing the life of their Souls and spirits. Because so many of us have been rejected, ridiculed, and even reviled by traditional religious communities, many of us avoid investigating and deepening the lives of our Souls and spirits.

Yet GLBT persons have always been (with the exception of 19th and 20th century western culture) revered leaders of spiritual, artistic, and Soul life. GLBT persons have functioned as the bearers of art, culture, Soul, and spirit for countless centuries in thousands of societies and settings. We should embrace our proud, rich heritage as Soul elders and spiritual leaders.

Paul seeks to provide the GLBT community and individuals with compassionate support and gentle guidance for their own unique emotional, Soul, and spiritual growth. Trained in psychology and spirituality, and experienced in GLBT issues, Paul is a empathetic and knowledgeable of our unique needs and challenges to find healing, wholeness, passion and direction for ourselves and our community.

Individual Consultations: $100/hr
Group Consultations: $300/hr*

*Paul donates part of his a services, and/or charges a reduced rate, for those not-for-profit organizations which serve the poor and underserved populations of our community. As a 20+ year volunteer, and Board member of HIV/AIDS service organizations. Paul also commits a percentage of his time and work to clients of these agencies on a pro-bono basis. Please contact him for further details.

Paul H. Richard
Soul Focused Consulting

telephone 971.506.9187
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