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Cultures through out the world and centuries have recognized the power of circles and spirals to symbolize spiritual truths. Most often these symbols have referred to the interconnection of all creation and to the spiritual journey of the individual to God, through the world.

The labyrinth is an ancient symbol (3,500+ years) that has experienced a modern renaissance. Appearing in churches, hospitals, businesses, parks, and private residences through out the world, it has a universal purpose -- to connect Soul to your journey through life.

In the modern world, the Labyrinth is unfortunately confused with a maze. A maze is designed to trick you with its dead-ends. It is a puzzle to be solved. A Labyrinth does not need to be solved. It has no dead ends or tricks to confuse you. It is a single spiraling path into and out of a center.

Medical research documents the beneficial effects of both the gentle exercise of walking and of meditation. The Labyrinth combines both. Its gentle meditative walking brings a calm to the body as it harmonizes the right/left brain functions and reduces stress. Its meditative properties create a moment of peace and silence in the heart and spirit. Prayer and bodily rest are enhanced together, achieving a healing harmony of mind, heart, body and spirit. Some uses of labyrinths include:

· Reducing stress and anxiety
· Enhancing relaxation
· Achieving clarity of mind and peace of heart
· Supporting physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual healing
· Deepening emotional and spiritual resources needed to face lifeís challenges
· Problem solving and creative thinking
· Spiritual enlightenment
· Religious meditation and renewal.

Paul designs Labyrinth programs to meet your groupís specific needs. Programs can vary from an introduction to the labyrinth, to presentations on specific themes and uses of the labyrinth. Times range from a hour or two up to full day or weekend retreat. Each program always includes time for participants to walk the Labyrinth.

Paul also offers a Finger Labyrinth Program in which individuals create their own personal hand held labyrinth to be used regardless of the place or time of day. While this program is suitable for anyone, it is especially wonderful for people with illness or physical conditions that prevent them from walking a labyrinth.

Please feel free to contact Paul directly to discuss your interests and specific needs. He has 2 portable labyrinths that can be set up in your church, auditorium, classroom, or outdoors. Measuring 20 feet and 30 feet in diameter respectively - these labyrinths can provide your employees, community members, or congregants an experience of meditative peace and relaxation.

All programs costs include set-up and take down of Labyrinth.

Program presentations: $150/hr

Possible presentation topics include:

· Labyrinth Basics
· The Labyrinth and the Christian Life as Journey in Christ
· Labyrinth and Healing
· Labyrinth and Prayer
· Labyrinth and the Exodus Journey from slavery to the Promised Land
· Labyrinth as the Archetypal Journey to Wholeness

Labyrinth with facilitator present - but no education program: $100/hr

2 hour Finger Labyrinth Program: $200 (craft supplies not included)

Fees are negotiable for not-for-profit organizations

Paul H. Richard
Soul Focused Consulting

telephone 971.506.9187
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