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Evolutionary Astrology is:
· an astrology about the freedom written in our Souls... not our fate written in the stars;
� an astrology of prescription for personal growth and fulfillment -- not a description of our pre-ordained and unchangeable character traits;
· an astrology of conscious spiritual evolution -- not an astrology of fortune-telling and newspaper columns.

We are each created to be passionately alive and fulfilled. Bliss is our birthright. Evolutionary Astrology is a profound art that helps us achieve a higher, more fulfilled state of conscious being and thereby claim that birthright.

Evolutionary Astrology is grounded in the firm belief that we are each responsible for our own choices and life paths and that no planet or sign pre-determines our future or how we express our personality. Our Birth Chart is a blueprint of our possibilities and potentials -- not simply a character description.

Through Evolutionary Astrology, the Birth Chart can eloquently describe your highest possible happiness and fulfillment, a life in complete harmony with your Soul�s deepest intent. It can show you what tools and abilities you have to achieve that life, and the best ways to use them. Finally the Birth Chart can alert you to the possible pitfalls, roadblocks, and dead-ends that can prevent you from achieving your highest purpose and happiness.

Paul is an experienced and gentle guide in helping you unlock the mysteries of your life�s purpose through an analysis of your Birth Chart by an in-depth dialogue with you about your life�s purpose and meaning.

An initial session focused on the birth chart and providing an overview of all of your life dynamics, karmic issues, and evolutionary goals typically lasts 2 hours. You will be provided with a printed birth chart and a recording (CD or a digital file emailed to you) of your session.

Further sessions to explore, at a more in-depth level, your unique life path are scheduled as you desire and feel the need. Many of Paul�s clients work with him over an extended period of weeks and months, or schedule annual up-date consultations.

These sessions can use a variety of arts and tools from both the repertoires of Evolutionary Astrology and of Soul Work. Some possible astrological arts/tools to explore in a session:

· Transits and Progressions: A reading of the current and future (approximately the next 4 years) astrological influences affecting your life path and evolution of consciousness.

· Solar and Lunar Returns: An annual (solar) or monthly (lunar) look at the year/month to come and the emotional, psychological, and Soul issues that will impact your life.

· Synastry: An examination of two peoples� charts and the nature of their interaction and the quality of their relationship. Paul seeks to present the opportunities, pitfalls, challenges, and gifts of your relationship as well as its karmic roots and inheritance. (This can be for a couple romantically involved, a parent and child, 2 friends, a boss and employee, 2 coworkers, etc.)

· Themes: An exploration of a particular set of life challenges, questions, or areas for development e.g., relationships, parenting, career/vocation, creativity, spiritual life, fears and blockages, etc.

Please consult the Soul Work page and its definition links for a fuller explanation of the Soul Work arts/tools that are available to be combined with an astrological consulting session.


Please contact Paul for all sessions.

Even if you do not live in Paul�s geographical area, you can still receive the benefit of a full astrological consultation. Consultations by phone can be arranged. Or he can record your reading and mail it and your chart either via US Post or email.

Talks and Seminars: Paul is also available for talks and seminars on Evolutionary Astrology or other aspects of spiritual and personal development for community groups, churches, education groups, clubs, etc. Please contact Paul for the rate per hour (may depend upon size of group and topic).

Gift Certificates are available.

Paul H. Richard
Soul Focused Consulting

telephone 971.506.9187
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