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Shamanism is the most ancient and revered of the healing arts. Shamans have been known by many names and titles: priests and priestesses, medicine men/women, holy men/women, healers, guides, wisdom-keepers, etc. Through out history they have been revered as important members of the community. They function as intermediaries and guides between the everyday world of waking consciousness and the spirit world (or in Celtic thought – the Hollow Hills, the Mist Filled Path, the Other World.)

Although shamanism varies from culture to culture, the core of all shamanistic traditions contains the same three basic elements:

1. The shaman is able to enter an altered state of consciousness, a visionary state, at will.

2. In this altered state of consciousness the shaman "journeys” to a non-ordinary realm of existence.

3. In this Other World, the shaman is given power and knowledge by the spirits to use in the world of ordinary consciousness for the benefit of the individual or the community.

Celtic Shamanism is distinct from other forms of shamanism just as Irish culture is distinct from French or German culture. Celtic Shamanism developed within the heart and soul of the Celtic world and spirituality. Thus it uses the myths, images, cultural and spiritual values, customs and beliefs of the Celtic people.

Paul uses the art of shamanism for its traditional purposes of: spiritual counsel and advice, healing, dream work, Soul work, divination, and Soul retrieval.

Please contact Paul directly to discuss fees for this work.

Paul H. Richard
Soul Focused Consulting

telephone 971.506.9187
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